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Recycled silver jewellery from FABLED SILVER - handmade with love and a touch of magic

Jewellery studio in Riga - FABLED SILVER

Sustainability and protecting Nature is one of the most important topics for me as a jeweller. Most often, people buy jewellery to bring joy to themselves and their loved ones - in daily life as a sign of attention, on holidays as a gift, in significant moments as a symbol or amulet. Jewellery has an extremely wide application and meaning, which I think will always be relevant. That is why it is so important to know, as in all other areas of life, where the product you buy comes from and what is the ethical value behind it. The silver jewellery available in an average jewellery store is usually made of "freshly mined" silver, the production of which causes large emissions of mercury into the air, soil and water. When silver is mined by small-scale miners, large amounts of mercury are used during the process, causing enormous harm to health and the environment. 

FABLED SILVER jewellery studio in Riga (Šmerļa iela 3, in the premises of "Riga film studio") offers an environmentally friendly alternative - recycled silver jewellery, which means that worn out silver jewellery/scrap is completely melted and new jewellery pieces are created from this accessible resource. Is recycled silver the same quality as 'fresh' silver? Definitely! In the process of obtaining silver from used silver objects, its 925 purity is preserved. Once the new jewellery piece has been made its purity is validated with a hallmark by Assay Office of Latvia.

By pre-booking a visit to the FABLED SILVER jeweller’s studio, it is possible to meet for a consultation with me, silversmith Marēna Tokareva-Ivanova. You can also check out my hand-made, recycled silver jewellery "in person". The designs I create include ethically and responsibly obtained semi-precious gemstones and sea glass collected on the beautiful beaches of the Baltic sea. In addition, here you can order a piece of silver jewellery created especially for you using your old silver jewellery, as I want to encourage my customers to use the silver they already have. And, of course, I also offer silver jewellery repair services, because I believe that it is a wonderful opportunity to fall in love again with a dear jewellery piece long forgotten.

The name “FABLED SILVER" is a reference to my love for fairy tales, myths, magic and art, all of which inspire me to create special and unusual designs, most of the time in only one copy. You can see for yourself the beauty and variety of available silver jewellery by checking out the Fabledsilver.lv e-shop.

When placing an order, ready-made jewellery available on site will be shipped within 1-2 business days. Custom orders can take up to 4 weeks to create. The delivery is made via "Omniva" package service or "Latvijas Pasts" (when ordering abroad). It is also possible to receive your purchase in person, at the jeweller’s studio in Riga (by arranging your arrival time in advance). Before the package is sent, all jewellery is neatly packed in recycled / recyclable packaging, as always, with love for the environment. Spread love and joy with Fabledsilver.lv!


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