Jewellery Transformation

Many of us have that dusty little box at home, full of silver jewellery obtained long ago, that hasn't "seen the daylight" for years.

I have always been in favour of using things, so that they can fulfil their purpose, which is to be useful and to bring us joy in the process. At the same time, I am convinced that quality always prevails over volume. It's better to have one very good thing than many mediocre ones.

That's why I offer a great solution for using these already existing resources. Jewellery transformation means that your old silver jewellery is melted down and transformed into a new piece of jewellery, specifically designed to your own wishes.

How it works:

  1. You write me a message of what you'd like - a ring, earrings, necklace, etc. instead of your old jewellery;
  2. I figure out how much metal and work will be needed;
  3. We agree on the details;
  4. You deliver your old jewellery to my studio;
  5. I melt your old jewellery, and make what you wish, using the available material;
  6. I deliver your new, shiny piece of jewellery to you;
  7. You radiate with joy, because you finally have exactly the kind of piece of  jewellery you have always wanted + you have helped to preserve Nature in the process. Awesome!

If you have a desire and an idea of how to use your old jewellery, feel free to contact me. Let's create something beautiful together! ♡

Here are some examples of jewellery transformations made by me:

We buy jewellery, we are happy with it, we wear it, and with time jewellery starts carrying with it the life story of each wearer. Often, in our jewellery box, a piece appears that is no longer worn. Perhaps time has made it look quite “sad” or the piece just doesn’t fit the body or the needs of its wearer. Often jewellery loses its appearance and value in the eyes of the wearer. A good solution is jewellery transformationgiving a new life to such silver pieces.

In the FABLED SILVER jewellery studio, it is possible to transform these jewellery pieces into new and refreshed jewellery that can continue to please its owner.

If you have decided to give your forgotten silver jewellery a chance to be useful again, contact FABLED SILVER jewellery studio! You can also write to [email protected] and express your wish. Or arrange a visit with the jeweller at the studio in Rīga, Šmerļa iela 3, in the premises of the Riga film studio. Together we will come up with a creative solution, and the forgotten piece of silver jewellery will get a new use, specially handmade for you.

The jeweller’s studio also offers jewellery repairs. If a silver ring has lost its appearance, a chain has broken, a ring has lost its eyelet - all these well-known jewellery stories can have a happy ending. The jewellery master can give jewellery a second life! Save natural resources! Think - “jewellery makeover”!

FABLED SILVER jewellery is made by an artist jeweller. In the hands of a jeweller, silver turns into fabulous piece of art.

You can order your own jewellery in the silver jewellery studio. It can also be a piece of jewellery created from old silver jewellery. Transforming jewellery will be a joy. Better one good thing with a story than several that tell nothing.

In the jeweller’s studio, an old and tired piece of jewellery can be transformed, refreshed, and you will have a new piece of jewellery. If there is a piece of silver jewellery that is not really worn, a jeweller will transform it to the way you envision it. Bring yourself joy and love with Fabled Silver!


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